We are a team of adventurers and bucket listers who turned our passion into business


As avid travelers who have visited every continent in the world, we love to experience places and destinations the way locals do. And having seen the best (and the worst) local stay has to offer, in 2014 we have been inspired by the idea to provide our family, friends and now you with the most unique and affordable vacation rentals possible.

7 years, 321,000 booked nights and a customer satisfaction rate of 4.7 stars, our promise to you is to deliver on the type of vacation stay that we want to experience ourselves.


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Our Manifesto

We believe in traveling!

  • - in opening your mind and stretching your horizons.
  • - in discovering yourself through new experiences.
  • - in slowing down and being present.
  • - in making memories and sharing stories.
  • - in staying at a place full of warmth and comfort.

A place that lets you

  • - Brew your morning coffee in a kitchen that has it all
  • - Enjoy family cuddle time under the soft sheets
  • - Cook dinner or gather around the dining room table for some local take-out
  • - Huddle on a comfy couch after a day of exploring to watch movies with popcorn
  • - Unwind and get ready for next day's adventure!

When you book with us, you get

Property manager

a knowledgeable member of our team whom you can contact instantly for any questions

Smooth and easy experience

Anything from quick mobile check-ins to smart locks that don’t require any keys for you to get into your rental, we are here to make your experience great


that matches 5 star hotel standards

24/7 Customer support

You can call, text or chat with us any time, any day. Really! A real person who will hold your hand, give you a welcome hug… ok, ok maybe not that but everything else is covered

Our Team

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Sam Makaryan

Tony Shahbazian

Samvel Nikoghosyan

Oleg Miroshnichenko

Kay Makaryan

Stacey Ryals

Chuck Barnes

Robin Williams

Jerry Boucher

Artur Dumanyan

David Duncan

Gurgen Stepanyan

Eric Torres

Sergii Synieok

Sergiy Fondov

Christine Aghasyan

Armida Markarova

Gevorg Sulkhanian

Yuri Datsenko

Roma Mart

Vadym Shpak

Noel Balbastro

Fremie Balbastro

Adam Atayan

Alice Arushanyan

Garik Mkrtchyan

Vilen Danielyan

Lilit Nalbandyan

Armen Airapetyan

Tata Shahbazian

Vard Karselyan

Luiza Abrahamian

Genesis Vitug

Fred DaSilva

David Poghosyan

Hayk Sargsyan

Stanislav Sikorskyi

Lev Boyko

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