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Earn up to 44% more your first year by switching to Hosteeva. Guaranteed.



10 different logins, multiple vendors and you pay up to 40% commission

Complicated softwares


1 software and less than 10% commission

Single software

All in One Place

Automate and streamline every aspect of your Vacation Rental with one simple software.

World class marketing

Maximum Exposure. World‑Class Marketing. Free fully bookable website.

Hosteeva cloud instantly lists your properties on 85+ well-known vacation rental sites including Expedia, Airbnb,, VRBO and TripAdvisor, which reach 100's of millions of travelers.

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Marriott selects Hosteeva as partner for Homes & Villas

Hosteeva Prime brings you premium partnerships that drive valuable bookings and more revenue, including Homes & Villas by Marriott International.

With our exceptional homes and service standards, select Hosteeva Prime homes are now featured among Marriott’s collection of luxury and premium properties.

This new platform allows 130+ million Marriott Bonvoy™ members to earn or redeem loyalty points when booking your vacation rental.

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Increase Revenue With Smart Pricing and Upselling

We automate pricing every night based on real-time analysis — so you're not constantly number-crunching. 39% average increase in revenue when using Hosteeva Prime Smart Pricing.

When you have a short gap between vacation rental reservations, chances are that your property will remain vacant and you will lose money. Our dashboard and mobile app equip you with insights you need to fill in the gaps and maximize your revenue.

prices tool
prices tool prices tool
Housekeeping app

Choose your own cleaning team or work with ours.

We give you the freedom to use a cleaning company of your choice or pick a company we’ve vetted in your neighborhood. We provide to owner tools to easily schedule and coordinate housekeeping tasks. Once you do, we'll coordinate with your cleaner to ensure guests always arrive at a home that's as good as the photos.


We get the check-ins.
You get the check.

We check-in your guests effortlessly through Prime App and smart lock security system provided free with every property! Plus, our virtual front desk and bank-level ID screening and fraud prevention technologies catch bad actors before they can even make a booking.

Your vacation home is perhaps your biggest investment, so we make sure it’s protected. We keep your home safe by offering up to $1,000,000 in liability coverage and $3,000 in damage protection on every booking.

Monitoring and Cutting Down Your Monthly Energy Bill!



Save on energy costs

Guests checked-out without turning off the Air Conditioner? No problem. Prime does it for you and turns off lights.


Stop parties with noise alerts

Automated alerts and warnings for noise levels. Stop the noise before your neighbor complains!


Plug-in smoking detection device

Save money on cleaning and avoid lost revenue due to smoking damages.

Hosteeva Prime Helps


Increase your Rental's online viability by



Seen by 100's of millions of travelers

Boost your rental income by



We outperform everyone else. Guaranteed!

Save an Average of


hours weekly

By automating and streamlining you vacation rental management

Be the next success story and stop leaving money on the table.

Hosteeva Prime has everything you need to run your short-term rental business more effectively.

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    Quinton L, FL

    “The best thing I ever did was fire my management company and manage my investment property myself. I had been considering it for several years, but had held of in fear that I did not posses the tools to do it on my own. Hosteeva Prime gave me the tools I needed. Thank you, Hosteeva Prime for making my allowing me to keep more of my income with very little extra efforts.”

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    Dr. Maria H, TN

    “I am in my 70’s and have never been too excited to learn technology. Hosteeva Prime’s computer software is so easy to use, that even I easily picked it up! The good: More bookings than any of my previous traditional rental companies. I am keeping almost all my income and even keeping fees now; the fees used to be kept by the rental companies. I had an easy time with Hosteeva’s help getting qualified housekeeping and maintenance. Now for the bad: this has been such a great experience that I am seriously thinking about buying another rental property! I am so happy I left my rental company and began using Hosteeva Prime.”

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    Ney & Jeannie T, AL

    “The best all in one tool for individual owners looking to self-manage their own property! No more having to maintain several different accounts! Thank you, Hosteeva Prime.”

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